Home Water Heater Rebates

Connecting an indirect-fired water heater to an existing forced hot water heating system is one of the most efficient ways of heating hot water.

To help your customers take advantage of these rebates, learn about proper installation techniques and recommend indirect water heaters to customers with compatible heating systems.

Eligible Equipment:

Equipment Efficiency Requirement Rebate Amount
ENERGY STAR Qualified On demand, tankless water heater UEF of .87 or greater $700
ENERGY STAR Qualified Storage Water Heater Medium Draw UEF of .64 or greater
High Draw UEF of .68 or greater
ENERGY STAR Qualified Condensing Gas Water Heater UEF of .80 or greater $500

NH Eligible Equipment

Measure Efficiency Rebate (Up To)
On-Demand, Tankless Models (electronic ignition) 0.94 EF or a UEF of .90 or greater $800
Condensing Gas Water Heater (75 to 300 MBH) 95% TE or greater $500
Indirect Water Heater (attached to NG Hot Water Boiler) n/a $400

If you find your customers don’t have a compatible heating system, recommend an on-demand water heater, a condensing gas water heater or an ENERGY STAR® qualified natural gas storage water heater to help them save more and use less.

Recommend high efficiency equipment to your customers so they can receive rebates directly from GasNetworks. Make sure to provide your customers with an invoice that includes the model number of the equipment installed, so they have the appropriate documentation for their rebate application.

Ensure your customers save even more by directing them to the MassSave online store for energy saving products.

*The following equipment incentives are no longer available for Liberty Utilities NH natural gas customers in 2018. On Demand Tankless Natural Gas Water Heaters, ENERGY STAR® Certified Natural Gas Storage Water Heater, Condensing Natural Gas Water Heater, Indirect Water Heater (Must be connected to a Natural Gas forced hot water boiler), Natural Gas Condensing Boiler W/On Demand Hot Water.

For questions about eligible equipment, call the GasNetworks Rebate Administrator at (800) 232-0672.