Efficiency Programs

Commercial Rebates

Learn more about GasNetworks commercial and industrial rebate programs for high efficiency heating, water heating and commercial kitchen equipment.


Commercial Heating System Rebates

A new furnace or boiler can reduce energy use by as much as 30%.


Commercial Water Heater Rebates

On-demand tankless units prevent standby energy losses that exist with storage tanks and can be a great option for restricted or limited space as they can be wall mounted.


Commercial Kitchen Equipment Rebates

High efficiency fryers and steamers can save 15 to 50% of the energy used by standard models.


Industrial Heating System Rebates

In industrial settings, natural gas-fired infrared heaters can reduce heating energy costs from 25 to 40%.

GasNetworks offers several commercial and industrial rebate programs designed to help our consumers reduce energy consumption, energy bills, and ultimately, help save the environment. Learn more about how to take advantage of these exciting programs.